9 ISIS militants are executed in Iraq

The Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq has sentenced nine militants of the Islamic State terrorist group (IS, banned in Russia) to death. This is reported by the local TV channel Al-Sumaria.

“During the investigative measures, the convicts confessed to committing crimes on the “Spiker” in the summer of 2014, participating in the terrorist actions of the IG to capture the province of Salah al-Din and mass murders,” the statement said. It is noted that the court found enough evidence to convict under the article on combating terrorism.

According to the TV channel, the militants are executed by hanging.

In April 2015, 12 mass graves were discovered in Tikrit, Iraq, containing 1.7 thousand bodies. According to the military, these are the corpses of Iraqi soldiers captured and subsequently killed by IS militants. The burial was found near the former American base “Spiker”.

The terrorists of the “Islamic State” occupied part of the territory of Iraq in the summer of 2014. A year later, with the support of the international coalition, the Iraqi authorities launched a large-scale campaign to liberate the areas captured by the militants. In December 2017, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced the final victory over ISIS, noting that the threat of terrorism in the country still persists.