In New York, an emergency was introduced due to a surge in firearms crimes

The governor of the US New York, Andrew Cuomo, has introduced a state of emergency in the state due to a surge in gun violence. He announced this on his Twitter account.

“This is a public health crisis, and we must act accordingly in relation to it,” he wrote, adding that the declaration of an emergency will allow the state authorities to give these crimes “full attention and use the necessary resources.”

Cuomo also said that 74 percent of the weapons that were used in the commission of crimes in New York were purchased outside the state.

According to the Daily Mail, during the holiday weekend dedicated to the Independence Day of the United States, a real bloodbath unfolded in the country: as a result of 379 shooting incidents, 142 people were killed. Most of these incidents were recorded in Chicago — 92 cases of shooting were detected there, during which 16 people were killed, another 76 were injured. Philadelphia came in second place, where seven people were killed, 17 were injured over the weekend, and another 21 citizens were injured during various conflicts. In New York, in the period from July 2 to July 4, 21 incidents were identified, 26 people are among the victims.