Facebook and Twitter have long sought to occupy a place of neutral permissiveness toward speech, impressed by First Amendment rules. Neither an business legend nor a buzzy newcomer, Greengrass appears to occupy an uncomfortable middle floor on this race. Foxconn deliberate to occupy the primary ground of Haymarket Landing, a residence hall with private business space in downtown Eau Claire. The building that the group plans to occupy has 19 on-website parking spaces, said Nathan Bruemmer, village planner.

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Still, nobody would have expected the best defensive staff in England to occupy house on the goals-towards desk subsequent to three groups that performed within the second-tier league earlier this 12 months. NEVs currently occupy around 5% of China’s market, which still makes China the world’s No. Find out which words work collectively and produce more natural sounding English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app.

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The verb occupy dates again to the 14th century, its origins in Latin occupare which means ‘seize’. Interestingly, during the sixteenth and seventeenth century it was used as a euphemism for ‘have sexual relations with’, inflicting it to fall out of general usage till the late 18th century. The source of the -i- in Anglo-French occupier and Middle English occupien, retained in Modern English, is unclear, as continental French has solely occuper. When the socially unacceptable sense fell out of circulation occupy once more turned a typically used word. Oslo accordsas a cover for further Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

The Prime Minister was occupied with essential issues of state. I had forgotten all about it as a result of I had been so occupied with different things. I was pondering of the way to maintain him occupied for three or four hours. The toilet in the back of the aircraft was occupied, so I waited. The word within the instance sentence does not match the entry word.

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Dictionary apps Browse our dictionary apps at present and guarantee you’re never once more misplaced for phrases. The Trump administration has nodded its acceptance of the Israeli annexation plans additional undermining the international authorized regime and efforts to find a lasting peaceable answer. Meanwhile, the EU has issued weak condemnations of Israel’s actions however provided no credible risk of action to discourage the occupying energy. The series does not clearly reply the query of how much violence is justified in preventing an occupier or whether economic advantages and the avoidance of violence under occupation are better than struggle. On the face of it, Occupied has nothing to do with Palestine. It sits modestly on Netflix lists of political drama, between numerous productions that body occupation through an Israeli lens.

The question of when an occupation is actually an occupation weaves through the fascinating Netflix drama, the selection of title suggesting that its producers think those who call a rose by any other name are deluded. Subjugated, underneath the management of a overseas military presence. This is the British English definition of occupy.View American English definition of occupy. Look up any word in the dictionary offline, anytime, anyplace with the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app.

Visitors right now can hold watch over the scene within the booth at the finish of the bar that Capone and his cronies as soon as occupied. Guilt, when dispensed within the circumstances Morris occupied, is the anti-Viagra. Plotz said podcasting and on-demand audio now occupies just about every area of interest where radio as soon as dominated — music, national talk news, sports activities — but not local information. The conclave captures a dilemma that senior executives—and management authors—have confronted extra incessantly whereas the first “CEO president” occupied the oval office. If the sign on the restroom door says occupied, it means there’s someone in there and also you’re just going to have to attend. It could also be pleasant however I do not assume we’re simply trying to maintain folks occupied.

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Infantry and cavalry approached the island, fairly unsuspicious of its being occupied. At the resort he discovered the bench exterior occupied chiefly by Jean. In this position, the road of cavalry shaped the chord of the arc described by the river, and occupied by us. Inside two women screamed in entrance of a mattress that occupied the middle of the room. The company moved into what was called Bertha Island, and shortly turn out to be synonymous with the land it occupied.

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