The Prime Minister of Sweden has resigned

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has asked the speaker of the country’s parliament to dismiss him from the post of head of government. This is reported by Bloomberg.

The politician resigned after 181 members of parliament out of 349 expressed their distrust of him. Leven had the opportunity to organize early elections, but he said that, given the epidemiological situation in the country, this decision would be wrong.

The next elections will be held in Sweden in 2022. Until then, the Speaker of the parliament will try to form a new government. If this fails after four attempts, an early vote will be held in the country.

According to TASS, on June 17, the Swedish Democrats party demanded to hold a vote in parliament on the issue of confidence in Leven. Before that, the leader of the” Left Party of Sweden”, Nushi Dadgostar, declared no confidence in the Prime Minister because of the government’s proposal to introduce market prices for rental housing in new houses. On June 21, the majority of parliamentarians expressed no confidence in Leven.

On June 26, the head of the UK Ministry of Health, Matt Hancock, announced that he was resigning after a scandal with his mistress. He posted a video message to the British on Twitter, in which he apologized for violating the rules of social distancing by meeting with her.